Peak Photographics: The Alps

The Alps

The Alps are where I spend most of my time. That is no accident, I love everything they have to offer!

Of course the skiing is fantastic each winter, and not just on the piste, the galleries above show the wonders of the off piste, ski touring and park skiing that are also available. I can also go paragliding, speed riding or just walk and enjoy their beauty.

Then summer comes around and blow me down, there’s more! I love to go cycling, and the amount of cols there are to climb up and race down is almost countless, all of them offering incredible views and a great work out. The trail running is also fantastic around here and there are loads of events which are always well attended – I love the enthusiasm people have for getting outside and enjoying themselves!

Carrying my DSLR camera is not really an option when I am running and cycling but I take my point and shoot with me on my bike and I am always impressed with what it can do. I do miss the control of my Nikon D300 though!

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