Peak Photographics: South America

South America

Well, the summer of 2010 was (yet another) trip of a lifetime, South America!

Ecuador was first on the list where we spent a week at the wonderful Napo wildlife centre, a tourist ‘resort’ run by local indigenous people. This is a wonderful way for them to make money and save their magnificent rainforest at the same time. Meanwhile, many other communities are selling out to big oil companies and destroying this beautiful and important habitat.

Next, The Galapagos – wow! It is such an education to travel around these islands and see so many entirely endemic species. As one of the only places on the entire planet which mankind has not changed beyond recognition, it provides a breathtaking glimpse at the true wonders of nature’s capabilities.

When we arrived back on the mainland we spent a lovely long weekend at the cloud forest of Mindo. Quite a different atmosphere to the rainforest. We were entertained by Hummingbirds and amazed to see the very rare Antpittas.

You can read more about this trip on the South America blog.

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