A puppy grows up

Bruno 01

A few months ago we welcomed the arrival of a beautiful¬†little Lagotto Romagnolo puppy. He is an Italian truffle finding water dog, and is most definitely brown in colour (most of the time). There was therefore no competition for names, he was quickly dubbed “Bruno” – formal title Mr. Broon!

Here are some photos showing how quickly he is growing up.

Bruno 02

Bruno 03

Bruno 04

Bruno 05

Bruno 06

Bruno 07

Bruno 08

Bruno 09

Bruno 10

Bruno 11

Bruno 12

Bruno 13

Bruno 14

Bruno 15

Festive cheer

JamieFlickr-005.jpgWell, yet another mid-winter celebration has gone by in a blur! We were back in the Alps this year with lots of family in town so there was much anticipation of cruising the pistes with the wind in our wigs.

Unfortunately the sunshine ruined any dreams of corduroy pistes, but plenty of Brussels sprouts made sure the wind was present – and wigs were definitely out in force as you can see below. So with lots of walking, cycling, running, eating and partying – a great time was had by all!

Here’s to lots more good times throughout 2016!


Cat fight

JamieFlickr-006.jpgWe were incredibly lucky to see the rare sight of a Leopard chasing a family of Cheetah. Both parties were nervous and stand-offish but ultimately the bigger Leopard saw the Cheetah on their way and climbed back up her tree to enjoy her kill.

We were expecting her to go back to her cubs though and we left a little concerned for their well-being. It would be nice to know if they were ok in the end, she must have left them alone for at least a few days. JamieFlickr-005.jpgJamieFlickr-010.jpgJamieFlickr-008.jpgJamieFlickr-009.jpgJamieFlickr-009.jpgJamieFlickr-006.jpg