Time lapse Lilly

I was amazed how long this Lilly took to open. I set my camera up assuming it would take a few hours. 5 hours later my camera ran out of batteries and it still wasn’t fully open. Next time I can definitely take half as many photos per hour!

The ice cometh, man!

It has been a while and we have done some nice skiing since my last post – more to follow.

However, for now I must show you these incredible pictures. Very cold temperatures and very strong winds here in Versoix (near Geneva) have resulted spray from the waves freezing to anything they touch. The formations are incredibly beautiful and I am glad I do not park my car by the lake!

You can see a gallery of my ‘ice storm’ photographs here.


Triple front

After a while of either working or cycling, I finally managed to get back behind the lens.

I took the camera to the gym I used to train at. Exposure is difficult with the indoor lighting, Imay return to try again – didn’t get the shots I was after.

For now, here is a sequence of a triple front somersault