St Gervais thermal park has a lovely river running through with quite a few resident Dippers. I went down today with the intention of getting shots of them under the water but only managed to get them above. Still, at least I can look forward to going back and trying again!

Dippers 01

Dippers  02

Dippers 03

Dippers 04

Dippers 05

Festive cheer

JamieFlickr-005.jpgWell, yet another mid-winter celebration has gone by in a blur! We were back in the Alps this year with lots of family in town so there was much anticipation of cruising the pistes with the wind in our wigs.

Unfortunately the sunshine ruined any dreams of corduroy pistes, but plenty of Brussels sprouts made sure the wind was present – and wigs were definitely out in force as you can see below. So with lots of walking, cycling, running, eating and partying – a great time was had by all!

Here’s to lots more good times throughout 2016!