A balade in the Bauges

Last weekend we had a lovely stroll up Mont Colombier in the Bauges Massif near Chambery. We couldn’t have asked for better weather.

The dog that isn’t Bruno is a Maremmano; he lives up on the hill to look after the herd of Goats. He spotted us from miles away and erupted in to a frenzy of barking. The closer we got, the calmer he got and as we passed him he was only too happy to let us walk by – clearly our names were on his guest list after all!

Bauges 01

Bauges 02

Bauges 03

Bauges Bruno

Maremma Sheepdag

Bauges 05

Bauges 06

A puppy grows up

Bruno 01

A few months ago we welcomed the arrival of a beautiful little Lagotto Romagnolo puppy. He is an Italian truffle finding water dog, and is most definitely brown in colour (most of the time). There was therefore no competition for names, he was quickly dubbed “Bruno” – formal title Mr. Broon!

Here are some photos showing how quickly he is growing up.

Bruno 02

Bruno 03

Bruno 04

Bruno 05

Bruno 06

Bruno 07

Bruno 08

Bruno 09

Bruno 10

Bruno 11

Bruno 12

Bruno 13

Bruno 14

Bruno 15